Review: Queen of the Realm of Faerie #2, Flower of Isbelline by Heidi Garrett

The Flower of Isbelline (Queen of the Realm of Faerie #2)

Blurb from Goodreads

Now, the half-faerie Melia must save her sister from a false marriage, and their world from a dark power. Her sister is determined to pursue their father’s damning legacy—even if the cost of denying true love is apocalyptic. Melia races to possess the magic basin and sword, but will she be in time to stop her beautiful sister from unleashing the powerful Umbra from the Void?

The Queen of the Realm of Faerie series is inspired by the 14th century French fairy tale, Melusine.

ebook, 3rd edition, 195 pages
Published December 2012 by Half-Faerie Publishing
edition language: English
genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
series: Queen of the Realm of Faerie #2
My Thoughts
This second book of The Queen of The Realm of Faerie series is the beginning of Melia’s journey. In the end of Nandana’s Mark we knew that Plantine was captivated by Lord Zacharia Goring. He needs her as Umbra’s ‘body’. In order to avoid Umbra’s incarnation Melia together with Ryder and Sinjiin have to prevent it. And so her journey begins.
Like other fantasy stories, Melia needs companion to help her along her journey. Aside Ryder and Sinjiin, Flora, Tuck and Tatou accompany her. Each companion has own purposes and different from Melia’s goal but it makes the story interesting because in some way they have to make priority.If you think Nandana’s Mark was slow-paced, you wouldn’t find it here. This story is fast-paced and there are a lot of actions. I mean there are surprises and more adventure than book one because Melia’s journey didn’t easier. Although her main purpose is to go to Stronghold, she has to take many routes with interesting adventure. Each journey intertwined and influenced each other.
As a sequel, Ms. Garrett didn’t waste time and pages to tell the story. The introduction of the world building and the characters had already done in Nandana’s Mark. It made this book worked faster than the prequel. And make me as a reader couldn’t keep my eyes of it. I also love the way she introduce her next focus character from previous book. It’s like she prepares it for her reader to pay more attention to her next characters, at least that’s what I felt. In Nandana’s Mark she told Flora only in two chapters but then she has bigger role here. She is one of Melia’s companions. Similar case for Sevondi, the dragonwitch also has more stories here (and after the cover and the title of book 3 reveal) I bet main focus of The Dragon Carnivale, will be about her. It makes me think that she indeed writes her books as a series. She has already planned it before wrote it.
But I have to admit that I’m quite hard to connect to the time setting in The Realm of Faerie that seems parallel to my time, with the guns and movies that mention in it. But then again, I guess I have to adjust my mind and keep remember that it indeed has the same time as our world.
All in all, I love this sequel more than Nandana’s Mark and look forward for book #3, Dragon Carnivale.
Result: 4/5 Stars
*Paintings courtesy of Allan Lee.

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