Review: Find You in the Dark #2, Light in the Shadows by A. Meredith Walters

17155039Blurb from Goodreads

How do you keep going when you feel like your life is over?

Maggie never thought she’d see Clay again. So, she attempts to put her life back together after her heart has been shattered to pieces. Moving on and moving forward, just as Clay wanted her to.

Clay never stopped thinking of Maggie. Even after ripping their lives apart and leaving her behind to get the help he so desperately needed. He is healing…slowly. But his heart still belongs to the girl who tried to save him.

When a sudden tragedy brings Maggie and Clay face to face again, nothing is the same. Yet some things never change. Can the darkness that threatened to consume them be transformed into something else and finally give them what they always wanted? And can two people who fought so hard to be together, finally find their happiness? Or will their demons and fear drive them apart for good?

The thing about love, is even when it destroys you, it has a way of mending what is broken. And in the shadows, you can still see the light.

ebook, 202 pages
Published March 26th 2013
edition language: English
series: Find You in the Dark #3
genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
My Thought
Again this series torn me apart successfully, similar feeling like I had when I read its prequel, Find You in the Dark. There was a time I’m tired of Maggie’s thought and Clay’s mind battle. I understand Clay has to face his demon. I feel sorry for him, I really do. It must be hard for him to live his life one day to another. Not knowing that will he be able fighting over his demon.

While Maggie, once again I have a hard time to understand her. Her depression was quite drawn me. At some point I want her to understand Clay’s reasons leaving her. I want her to forgive him for abandon her because I know what Clay thought it’s the best for them, was the best for them. And I agree with Clay, in some way it was the best way for their relationship and their selves, whether Maggie like it or not.

Then, I think Walters did a great job she can make me feel all those feeling, even the tired feeling. Because somehow I can understand more about Clay’s illness, Maggie’s depression and their relationship through those feeling. The way she builds the story slowly made me see things through Clay and Maggie’s eyes clearly. She gives me times to understand their story. As much as I want to know about two and half months their separation, she prepares me to understand the good and the bad decision they chose and how it affected their life and their relationship, both in the present and in the future.

Yet, at first, I’m not quite believed of Clay and Maggie’s love to each other. I mean, they are so young to know that kind of love and they build their relationship with an unhealthy one. So, I’m waiting for one make sense reason that they truly have a worth fighting for relationship, not just based on undying love declare in such a young age. I’m glad I found the reasons. I can see their willing to make their relationship work, not only based on their heart but also based on their head. I love knowing that Maggie has so much issue with Clay. It made her human, a kickass normal girl. I love that she never gives up on Clay and eager to take part of his medication together. And accept Clay decision though she didn’t agree while she knows it is better for Clay’s illness. And I love they trust and honest to each other. They took a very hard road but in the end I know that their love is worth fighting for.

PS: I don’t know with other readers but I kind of want to read Maria Cruz and Jake Fitzsimmons own story.

Result: 4 out of 5 stars

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