Review: Someone Else’s Fairytale #2, Nobody’s Damsel by EM Tippetts

16044227Blurb from Goodreads

Chloe has finished her masters degree and taken a job as a forensic scientist back in her home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, only the press will not leave her alone. They follow her to crime scenes and report on her every move, eager to show that her marriage to Hollywood A-lister, Jason Vanderholt, is on the brink of collapse. Millions of fans who dream of their own celebrity romance with him want this more than anything. This scrutiny comes at a particularly bad time as Chloe’s first case is a crime against a child roughly the same age that Chloe was when she survived a homicide attempt.

Now that she sees the case from an adult’s perspective, she realizes it’s much harder than she ever dreamed. It’s even worse for Jason, who is two steps removed from the crime. He must watch and try to support his wife as she battles with past demons and tries to keep up with a nameless suspect who evades identification and capture. Never has Jason been more frustrated with his job, its frivolities, and its lack of connection to the real world. When he storms off the set of his latest movie, the press goes wild with conjecture. Perhaps he never was anything more than a pretty face after all.

Together, Chloe and Jason must find their way past all the popping flashbulbs and through the dark maze of the criminal investigation to discover whether they can balance their professional goals with the demands of a celebrity marriage. The odds are entirely against them.

Kindle Edition, 228 pages
Published January 4th 2013 (first published January 1st 2013)
edition language: English
series: Someone Else’s Fairytale
genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thoughts
As a sequel, this book is much different from its prequel, Someone Else’s Fairytale. It still follows Chloe Winter’s life, now she become a wife of Hollywood A-list actor, but her life doesn’t as sweet and easy as I imagine.At first, I thought this book will be about how Chloe adjust her life from nobody to somebody as Chloe Vanderholt, but what I read is more than that. She has her own job and has to struggle with it. I think the story is more about her struggle with her new job and her new life. I have to admit that I liked and enjoyed it more. Somehow it makes the story different from other celebrity fall in love with ordinary girl kind of stories.

Yet, there is also moment that I’m not quite enjoyed. It’s whenever Chloe and Jason talk about Jason past love life. I feel like Jason pulling away from Chloe, it seems like they aren’t a newlywed who are in love with each other. But then I think that’s how it supposed to be. I mean, I can understand talking about his ex-love is uncomfortable for him. That’s when I can feel the awkwardness of the conversation. And it means Ms. Tippetts delivered her story well.

I also like the way she wrote about Vicky and Brad. She didn’t write them as a mean-bad antagonists that readers can hate. She put them in a gray area and as much as they annoyed me, they also have their own kindness.

This isn’t Chloe and Jason last story, as Ms. Tippetts said there will be more of their stories. I’m sure I will read it because I’m willing to tail their other journey.

PS: Although dedication page isn’t part of the story I always pay it as much attention as the story. And here, she wrote a beautiful-heartfelt dedication page that I couldn’t agree more with her statement Nobody, after all, deserves to be forgotten. And if you’ve never gone up to say hello to someone while the whole rest of the room covers their mouths to keep from laughing, you’re missing out. Not because you’d be doing a great act of charity, but because it’s only when we step outside of our comfort zone that we stop skating through life and start living it in all its terrifying glory. Like I said, it can be painful, but the views are simply incredible. I just want you to know, Ms. Tippetts that I love your dedication page as much as I love your story.

Result: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

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