Finding a good friend through a good book

 “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

― Mark Twain

I never see myself as a talk-active person. I need time to be comfortable to talk to people. Some say I’m a snob, some other think I’m a shy girl. But when people know me enough, they’re kind of surprise, at least that was what my friends said. They never thought that I can talk non-stop and quite funny too, though a little weird 😀 I also never pay attention to social media while most of my friends are addicted to it. I didn’t have a friendster when it’s in its famous. I do have an account on Facebook but it was because my favorite football player who already retired has it and I want to stalk him 😀 The same thing happened with Twitter but with different case and person. When I knew about Goodreads, I know that it’s my thing, a place where I can comfortable talking with “strangers”. I enjoy every minute ever since I joined it, at 2009.

Long story short, one day on December 2012, I kept talking about the movie of The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey which just released a few days before and how much I love JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson works. I only got few responds but they didn’t mind I kept writing about my craziness 😀 One of them only said “Rachmi is so crazy about Tolkien” a couple times in order to respond my posts. And then there was a respond, from someone named Heidi. Her respond was like I finally found my long lost friend. And just like two long lost friends, we seems couldn’t stop talking, most of our post were a long one. Thinking about it now, I’m surprised other members didn’t complaint about it 😀

A couple months before I met her, I downloaded a free e-book called Nandana’s Mark from Smashwords. It’s been a long time since I read my favorite genre, fantasy, so when I knew about it I thought I’ll give it a try. But somehow I always skip it. I didn’t join a fantasy group, instead I’m a member of YA books, a new genre for me and seems can’t take my eyes off it ever since I joined Goodreads. At the same time, Heidi and I kept talking without I even realized that she’s the author of Nandana’s Mark and the awesome thing is she didn’t talk about it either. I often get friend request from someone who has a lot of friends but seems read few books, at least they didn’t show it on their read shelf. Anyhow, I learn that they mostly are authors. I’m really happy and honored to be friend with authors but if they ask me to be friend just because they want to promote their book, I’m not interested. I want them willing to communicate with me as their reader, not only as their potential readers.

Then, on January 2013 my other awesome Goodreads best friend, Billie from and I wanted to read Nandana’s Mark. That was when I realized about Heidi being as an author. I was more than surprised. It was mostly about why she didn’t tell me about it, she doesn’t like any authors who ask friend request to me. If I ever doubt that she’s truly want to be my friend, I think that was the moment when I believe it. After that, I feel that we got closer than before. We talk about anything and nothing, from LoTR to how to make a whipped cream, from healthy diet to how exotic my address sounds to her, from her experience attending Twilight discussion to how weird Benedict Cumberbatch last name is.

Now, I consider she is one of my Goodreads best friends that I’m willing to meet face to face one day if it’s possible. Today is her birthday and I want to say:

Edinor veren Heidi! Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya. No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gîn (Happy Birthday Heidi, may the Valar protect you on your path under the sky. May stars shine upon your path). You are such an amazing person and talented author. I hope you all the best.

If you guys doesn’t know her books. She wrote The Queen of Realm of the Faerie. It’s YA high fantasy series. She’s already published 3 books and one compilation of those books with more books will come in the future, the closest will be book 4, Half Mortal. As her best friend (I hope so *wink*), of course I already have all of them, here its picture:


I also have half-faeries bracelets. She gave it to me and if you want maybe she still has it (you should ask her, though). My sister and her best friends are also wearing it.


half-faerie 6

If you are a fantasy lover, maybe you can give her books a try but if fantasy is not you thing I think you will like her as a person 😀 So if you want to ask her those beautiful half-faerie bracelets, or want to know about her books, or even just say hello you can stop by at her blog


2 thoughts on “Finding a good friend through a good book

  1. Rachmi, This is so beautiful. I’m so deeply touched. THANK YOU SO MUCH! What a happy birthday present from, yes, a dear friend. And look, in that picture you’re pulling out True Love’s First Kiss:D It’s been so wonderful to have a friendship with you. Namarie. Heidi

    • It’s been wonderful for me too, Heidi. You don’t know how much you help me as a person and I learn a lot from you. I can’t give you anything other than those words of what I feel about you. I know you’re busy now with a novella and Half-Mortal but if you need support, just know that I’m here for you 🙂

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