Review: Connected #1, Reconnected by Bethany Daniel

17908731Blurb from Goodreads

Katy Warren had it all. A new husband, who was a successful theater actor and their whole lives ahead of them. But then Liam got discovered and once whisked off to Hollywood, he changed. After a night of being ignored for “business”, Katy decides she can’t handle it and leaves. Taking back her maiden name, and deciding to go for a Psychology degree she leaves Liam Warren and his celebrity behind, but she never got a divorce and Liam hasn’t stopped looking for her. When their paths cross again, Liam does all he can to fight for their love even with Katy fighting against him.

Kindle Edition
Published May 8th 2013
edition language: English
series: Connected
genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thoughts
I think this book could be an interesting story if it handles better than this. I mean I obviously interested with the premise, though it didn’t has something new. It has the same pattern as other romance books, so I don’t except things that surprise me. I chose this book hoping I can get a light sweet story. It’s light and sweet but I can’t feel it. There are many things that made me roll my eyes because I can’t believe to what the characters say and think.

“Kate, I think that man loves you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be going through all of this to get you back..

I think buy you flowers and talk a few minutes to you after 4 years didn’t meet can’t count as all. It’s just one teeny tiny kind of pointless act of things that can happen in 4 years.

“No, you have to get on MY good side again, Liam. This isn’t like a movie where you just jump back where we left off and everything’s “Happily Ever After”. You’re going to have to really make an effort at this.”

I thought Katy wants Liam too woo her and make him try as hard as he can to prove her that he wants her and be with her. But why then I read the opposite thing? It’s Katy who kind of tries hard to get back to Liam. Where did her intention to leave Liam go? And how can she treat Lucas just like that?

“How in the world do you know about that?”, I ask confused. […]“There was only like three guys there though…”

Hmm….didn’t you realize you married with a well-known actor therefore you are famous by association and it tends paparazzi to stalk you? And have you ever heard of internet? Even when there is only one paparazzi, if he wants to show it to the world, he can do it in a minute.

“……and if Scott has his way, one for Krista too tomorrow.” […]“He seems really taken with her, honestly.”

Really? After one encounter, talking only a few minutes?

I think the biggest problem I get from this book is the story moving so fast, way too fast. I like fast-paced story but not like this fast. It’s like the author didn’t give me time to feel it therefore I can’t connect to story and characters. And there are too many things happened it make the story seems didn’t focus. When I read the blurb, I thought I will read about things Liam do to make Katy back to him, how she will forgive him and how they fall in love again. But I got it in just few chapters in the beginning, the rest is about another stories and it felt even more in a rush. I think it’s better if the author narrow down the story so that she can focus on Liam and Katy second chance. When I finished it, I feel like I read 2 stories, at least but somehow I miss and skip the main story.

Result: 1 of 5 stars

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