Review: This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

15791430Blurb from Goodreads

If fate sent you an email, would you answer?

When teenage movie star Graham Larkin accidentally sends small town girl Ellie O’Neill an email about his pet pig, the two seventeen-year-olds strike up a witty and unforgettable correspondence, discussing everything under the sun, except for their names or backgrounds.

Then Graham finds out that Ellie’s Maine hometown is the perfect location for his latest film, and he decides to take their relationship from online to in-person. But can a star as famous as Graham really start a relationship with an ordinary girl like Ellie? And why does Ellie want to avoid the media’s spotlight at all costs?

ebook, 416 pages
Published April 2nd 2013 by Poppy
edition language: English
genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
My Thoughts
What happy looks like for me is reading a book, enjoying it and get lost in it. In some part reading this book was a happy moment for me but I also have a not-so happy thing.

I know that this will be a cliche kind of story so I didn’t expect anything from it aside of a sweet YA story. I like the main characters, Graham and Ellie, they are cute together. I really enjoyed reading their emails, especially in prologue. And when they finally meet, their emails feel a little bit different. I think it’s a good thing because in those emails I can feel that once they meet everything is different now they know each other. They encounter and feeling kind of a fairytale, he with his fame and she with her struggle to provide money for her poetry course at Harvard. Although Graham is a well-known actor, Ellie doesn’t feel insecure about herself. Despite the differences, she’s comfortable with her skin, believe in Graham feeling for her and she trusts him. That’s quite a refreshing in YA books I usually read hence I love her because of it.

But, I didn’t quite satisfy with Ellie and Quinn, her bestfriend, relationship. When they have problem and doesn’t talk for weeks, the closure is kind of awkward, I like and understand it but it feels too ordinary. I mean, they are bestfriend for a long time, doesn’t talk for weeks and it’s definitely the biggest fight they ever have I just assumed there have to be a lot of hard efforts to fix it. It also happens to Ellie’s father relationship. While I like the way she meet him, I didn’t expect her mother thought about him will be like that. I guess I just wish there will be more drama on those part, to make the story more interesting. I also didn’t quite enjoy its slow-paced. While in prolog and the beginning of the book feel too fast, the rest is slower than I can enjoy. In some part I didn’t feel like I get lost in the story therefore there’s a room for me to get distracted by other things.

So, there are things I liked and disliked from this book. I think it is okay book which mean I supposed to give it 2 stars. It’s the ending that made me think twice. I like the way Graham and Ellie’s relationship still unsure and just left it that way. It feels more real and made me wish there will be its sequel, so 3 stars from me for they flaw-sweet story.

Result: 3 of 5 stars

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