Review: Horrorscape #1, Fearscape by Nenia Campbell

16161543Blurb from Goodreads

He followed her because he wanted to own her. She trusted him because she wanted excitement. There’s a saying that curiosity can kill … but Valerian Kimble is beginning to learn that satisfaction might just be worse.

Fourteen-year-old Valerian lives in an age where antiheroes and bad boys are portrayed as the romantic ideal, and good guys are passe and boring. So when Gavin Mecozzi, the school’s brilliant but twisted loner, begins to show an interest in her after a chance meeting in a pet store, Val is intrigued. He’s charming and poetic and makes her feel things that she thought were only possible in books–


Because somebody is stalking Val. Somebody who wants to hurt her. Own her. Possess her. Maybe even kill her.

As her meetings with Gavin unravel into a more complex and frightening relationship, Val can’t help but wonder if the new boy in her life is her depraved and obsessive stalker.

And whether he’s capable of murder.

Time is running out.

Kindle Edition, 165 pages
Published: November 29th 2012 by Amazon Digital Services
Edition language: English
Series: Horrorscape
Genre: Thriller, Young Adult
My Thoughts
Before I read this book, I didn’t read reviews or anything regarding of this book aside its blurb. So I didn’t know and expect much about it. First couple chapters, I think this is quite an odd story and the way Val describes her love for animals is kind of bored me. And then it’s hard for me to picture her that she is fourteen years old. I think she’s too young and sometimes she seems too mature than her age while other time I can’t feel her at all. But the more I read it, I think the clearer I get why Ms. Campbell wrote her story and characters that way. In the end I understand Val story better than what I thought before I read it.
I don’t know why but this book reminds me of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. There isn’t one single scene that similar to it, yet I got Twilight vibe here and there while I read this book. Well…I can assure you there isn’t any dangerous paranormal characters here, they are all human but human can be dangerous too, right?
This is where the suspense takes part. It can make me wondering about who the bad guy is and when I think I can guess who it is, I wish that I was wrong, though at the same time it’s so obvious who it is. I think it’s because I mostly read about those kind of “bad” guy who are mostly romanticized it becomes acceptable heroes in most YA books I read nowadays. That’s what I liked most about this book. It doesn’t contain with those kind of hero. Once he acts wrong, he is indeed wrong, no matter what his reason is. And no need to romanticized the creepy thing he does, just because he’s attracted to the heroine.
All in all, I really liked this book but there are also things I’m not sure about. So I think I’m going to save my star for its sequels because I surely need to read it.
Result: 3 out of 5 stars
Favorite quotes:
“If she was mean, it was because she’d learned that she had to be, and not by choice.”
“It was harder to tell with humans, which was what made them so distinct from other animals. Sometimes the nice ones could look mean, and sometimes the mean ones could look nice. And sometimes it was impossible to tell at all. “

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