Review: A Boat Made of Bone by Nicole Grotepas

18042617Blurb from Goodread

Kate Miller has been having recurring dreams about the same man… a dead man. Will Hawke, to be exact, a celebrity who died long before Kate had any reason to pay attention to celebrities.

Though the night-world she enjoys with Will is a siren song lulling her towards sleep, the intrigue of Kate’s waking world goes up several notches when Ty Watts breezes into her life, a tall, dark stranger with looks that would set a thousand housewives free.

The problem: his smile hides a secret that could be dangerous.

Kate’s dreams gnaw at the very idea of what is real. She must negotiate the knife-thin edge of reality vs. dreams, solve the mystery of her nightly rendezvous with Will, and either save him or lose herself forever in the seductively dangerous world he inhabits.

A Boat Made of Bone is a love story that spans worlds, generations, and reaches beyond death into the realm of fantasy.

ebook, Smashwords edition, 387 pages
Published January 13th 2013 by Nicole Grotepas
language edition: English
genre: Fantasy
My Thoughts
Things I liked from A Boat Made of Bone:
1. The title. It couldn’t be more intriguing.
2. The cover. It screams read me!
3. The setting. It’s described well and helps me picture the where and when the story takes place. And it suits with the difference between Kate’s awake time and dream moments. The story takes place in our time, now. But the man in Kate dream is from the 50s or is it 60s? Either way, there is some kind of cultural shock between the two of them. In this part, I like that sometimes they have to tell each other what is actually happens from their own time and compare it.

Things I dislike:
1. The main character, Kate. She’s insecure, most of the times she’s whinny and likes to lie. She has a bad habit telling other characters something and then admits it to me that she lies many times. Maybe it’s a tiny thing to add her character but when she keeps saying the opposite in her head, thus she lets me know about it, it’s kind of annoyed me.

2. The plot. The story can be interesting but somehow it failed. It’s dragged out, boring and dull. There isn’t anything happens in 70% of the book. And it has a pattern that bored me most of the time. So it’s basically like this, Kate works at music store, chats with her friends, hang out with her friends while wandering her dream, sleeps, has an adventure, sex and talks with her dream man, wakes up while she doesn’t want to wake up, works and then it repeats again and again.

3. The paced. Because of point #2, the pace is so slow I have to put the book down and can read 8 books and then two weeks later, I set my mood to continue reading it but ended up with the same feeling as my first attempt. Bored.

4. Again because of point #4, this book is more about tell rather than show.

5. Ty. The character that supposed to be Kate’s awake lover or make the romance become sort of a love triangle (well…at least that’s what I assumed when I read the blurb) is barely there for her. Most of the time, he just appears here and there and the rest is only in Kate and her friends conversations.

Conclusion: at 60% of the book, I didn’t care anymore what actually happens with the characters. All I think about it when I can reach 100% so that I can finish it and move to another book.

Result: 2 out of 5 stars

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