Review: War of Wings by Tanner McElroy

18714830Blurb from Goodread

The battle for Paradise is about to begin…

In the beginning Heaven was perfect. All of the angels lived in complete harmony and bliss. Gabriel skated through existence on the many simple pleasures Heaven had to offer, Michael led the worker angels proudly, and Lucifer was the highest of the cherubim as well as the minister of music right under God. With one question everything changed. When God’s highest angel placed reason over faith to corrupt Heaven, a secret movement separated loved ones into two sides. After Lucifer discovered the power of the seven deadly sins and used them to empower angels, the two sides violently collided in the first war of all time, The War of Wings.

Kindle Edition, 239 pages
Published March 19th 2014 by Brown Books Publishing Group
language edition: English
genre: Paranormal, Adult

My Thoughts

”Some see a hopeless end while others see and endless hope”

I don’t know much about angels and their hierarchy. While I read this book, I have to look for about it to know better. And I don’t think I have read any angels story like this before, either. Well, I’ve read books with and/or about angels, but they mostly about fallen angels, nephilim or one or two particular angels but never a book about themselves and with them as the whole characters. Hence, it feels new and is kind of refreshing story to me.

First half of the book is so slow. It can’t make me keep reading it. I got distracted and have to put it on hold and read another books a couple of times. However, I liked reading Lucifer deceptions and the way he convinced his followers. I can’t help to not believe him. I can see that he really is smart and powerful. His knowledge and curiosity lead him questioning God. In many ways I think it’s true.

The pace takes turn in second part, as the battle slowly begins. However I wish it could be longer. Before the battle, the tension is there for half of the book but the battle itself is quite short, makes me wanting more. And then there is still story that needs to be told after that. It feels like I’m waiting quite long to finish the book after the climax takes place. On the other hand I really liked the way the author describes the changes of the angels and the way they think about God. They are also have flaws and are quite similar with human, with their emotion and all, which I think it suits well with the story.

When I read this book, I try to see it as a fiction without any connection with Christianity, because 1) I don’t know much about it and 2) I want to enjoy it as a pure fiction without have to wonder whether it is true and stick with the bible or not. However it’s quite hard to do that. I feel like the author sees his readers as someone who has already known about it. Hence, there are things that unclear to me since I’m not familiar with it. But I also enjoy my time looking for for those unclear things. This book gives me something new which is what I’m looking for when I read a book.

As a fiction I want this book has more background story for the angels, especially Gabriel and Lucifer as the main characters, to know them better. For example, it is unclear the time setting and how old the angels are. I assumed that they are old, thousand years old but Gabriel is quite naive for an angel who is thousand years old. So many times I want to tell him to look and think clearly and believe Michael. I just don’t quite like his naivety. So it’s quite hard to believe that he is a thousand years old archangel. I do understand it’s for the sake of the story. If he doesn’t that naive, there won’t (might) be any big different between him and Lucifer but still reading his character in first part of the book is like reading a character from most YA books, who also has an instalove with another female character.

Yet, I really like the way the author creates the story to become connected with life now. I can see the connection when he tells me about the rose, the terra and even the seven deadly sins or seven antivirtues as he calls it. It makes me believe to the story and it just makes sense to me.

All in all, I like and enjoy reading it though in some part I feel it lack something. It’s well written and has good worldbuilding. It reminds me of The Madness of God by Da’ud Ibn Ibrahim Al-Shawni which I love. So 3.5 stars for this angels story but I round it up because I love the cover!

Result: 4 out of 5 stars


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