Review: Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott

18807019Blurb from Goodreads

Nolan Lennox had things figured out. Named after a baseball legend, she enjoyed being the Tomboy, her closet filled with her brother’s hand-me-downs, cut-off jeans and soccer shorts. But when her first trip to high school results in a broken heart from the first boy to ever make her heart flutter and cruel words from an older girl she once thought a family friend, Nolan starts to question the very person she thought she was and wonders if her humble upbringing can compete with the afforded luxuries of her privileged peers.

Throughout the next four years, Nolan struggles to maintain herself throughout her path of discovery, learning just how cruel teenagers can be through the pressures of underage drinking, sexuality and class. And despite how life seems to continue to work against her, she still manages to listen to her heart, falling deeper and deeper for the guy the entire town adores, even if he only sees her as a friend. Can Nolan strike a compromise between her own integrity and the boy she loves? And can she make him notice her before it’s too late?

Reed Johnson came to Coolidge High School with a lot of fanfare. The son of a hometown football legend and the brother of a local football hero, Reed wore all the pressures of carrying a town without hope into the spotlight. Thankfully, he had the talent to back it up. But when he meets a girl who makes him think twice about exactly what being a hero means, he starts to wonder if following in his brother’s footsteps might be all wrong.

Nolan Lennox was everything that was opposite of expected. She didn’t flirt, she didn’t drink and she didn’t sleep around. Nothing about her was easy, but something about her made Reed want to try harder. Though she didn’t look the part, she seemed to be spending a lot of time in Reed’s thoughts, and he wondered if she could be the one who made it all worthwhile. But could Reed handle letting her down? And would breaking her heart break him beyond repair?

Waiting on the Sidelines explores young love to its fullest, exposing how real young heartbreak and passion is and how important it is to discover yourself and hold onto your own identity. The story follows two young characters as they deal with mature situations, including the prevalence of bullying and promiscuity in today’s high school setting. Ultimately, Waiting on the Sidelines is a story of hope, honesty and those powerful, first true loves—the ones worth holding onto at any cost.

ebook, 335 pages
Published November 13th 2013 by Ginger Scott
edition language: English
series: Waiting on the Sidelines
genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
My Thoughts
So, this book has a very long blurb. I don’t quite like long blurb, especially the one that seems to tell the whole story. I ended up with this book because my friends have it and I read one paragraph that was quite interesting, without even realized that it still has 4 more long paragraphs in the blurb. At the time, I’ve made my mind to read it.

Then I realized that it has long pages. I think it’s quite long for YA contemporary I used to read. And when I read that Nolan Lennox, the main character, is barely 15 years old, I was wondering what could be told in 300 more pages from a freshman high school student. That was when I started thinking that it might be Nolan story for her entire high school life. And yes, it turns out to be a four year life story. Nolan story from her barely 15 years old freshman year in high school to the beginning of her freshman year in college. That long!

Actually I like Nolan voice, the author surely can write well. Nolan POV is vivid and can make me connect and feel like I was there with her. However I also didn’t like the way she describes everything in such detail.

“My eyes lit up, my eyebrows raised and I cupped my hand over my mouth, muffling my next words a little.”

I don’t think I ever read facial expression this detail. She also likes to describe unnecessary stuff to me.

“I dipped my toothbrush under the water and loaded it with toothpaste and began to brush. Looking in the mirror I noticed one of my eyebrows was curled straight up. “

I surely know how to brush my teeth, by the way. And she even good at guessing of what people think from their expression without them telling her.

“He held my gaze, willing me to look at him. He wanted to make it ok, and he wasn’t going to let me go without making it so.”

Well…it might be just me, though, since I’m not good at guessing of what on people mind. And here is another example of her word that I just couldn’t understand.

“Come on, give me some credit,” I could hear his eyes rolling.

Hmm…can you tell me what exactly eyes rolling sounds?

Nolan can be very descriptive and detail about everything and nothing, but she can also vague with the way she talks. I think it makes the story dragged and sometimes sound weird and too much for me.

And then, there’s first love never die kind of thing. Nolan loves Reed for forever but of course they can’t have it easily. There are always something bad that keep separate them. The thing is they keep hurting each other.

“Then, he looked directly at me, pausing for a second, his jaw hardening, and then reaching for her face, he pulled her into a deep, powerful kiss. He wanted me to see that! I was filled with rage. I tiptoed up to reach Tyler’s ear. “Hey, I think I’d like to go to your party. You wanna leave in a few to get there in time?” I gulped.”

At first I kind of understand it, they are young, impulsive and all but then it happens again and again I was bored and annoyed reading it.

“We were both working so hard to shock the other half into being the first to break. So damned proud and so damned stupid. We’re both cowards, I thought.”

Reed hurt Nolan so many times. I want her to just walk away from him. Show him that she can stay away from him, even when it’s hard for her. But one talk from him can make her forget that he screw up again and again.

Yes, I like drama and angst in the story but it’s just too much for me. I was wondering maybe it’s the way teenagers think and act these days, maybe I should read it with my teenager eyes and mind, maybe I’m too old for it or maybe it’s just not my kind of book.

Result: 2 out of 5 stars

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