Review: Finding Fate #3, Right Kind of Wrong by Chelsea Fine

20455344Blurb from Goodreads

Sometimes wrong can feel oh so right . . .

Jenna Lacombe needs complete control, whether it’s in the streets . . . or between the sheets. So when she sets out on a solo road trip to visit her family in New Orleans, she’s beyond annoyed that the infuriatingly sexy Jack Oliver wants to hitch a ride with her. Ever since they shared a wild night together last year, he’s been trying to strip away her defenses one by one. He claims he’s just coming along to keep her safe-but what’s not safe for her is prolonged exposure to the tattooed hottie.

Jack can’t get Jenna out from under his skin. She makes him feel alive again after his old life nearly destroyed him-and losing her is not an option. Now Jack’s troubles are catching up to him, and he’s forced to return to his hometown in Louisiana. But when his secrets put them both in harm’s way, Jenna will have to figure out how far she’s willing to let love in . . . and how much she already has.

ebook, 336 pages
Published September 2nd 2014 by Forever
edition language: English
series: Finding Fate
genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thoughts
ARC was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.

I think Jenna and Jack’s story is far more engaging than previous books in the series. I liked reading they banter throughout the story. They easy-going personalities are really enjoyable to read. And their families are just funny I want them to have their own story (Jenna’s cousins and Jack’s brothers). And Jack…I love him from the first time he comes into the story. In a way, I much prefer reading his POV than Jenna’s. I also think that the author did a good job in building the tension. At first I thought it’s all about road trip and independent, Jenna’s main issue. But then the more they do that road trip, the clearer that they have something else in their plate, especially Jack. He isn’t the Jack Jenna know about.

However, I feel the way Jack handles his old (or is it real?) life is too easy. I mean what happen to his brother is a dangerous thing and deals with dangerous people, but it can be solved just with one call from Jack that those people don’t even questioning him. Jack keeps saying that they are dangerous. Some kind of evil drug dealer but I think they are quite stupid for dangerous-secretive gangs.

As much as it’s engaging, the writing is too flowery for my taste.

This is Jack and he will not be conquered. Jack will not be owned. Jack will not be taken. He is the victor and king. With him, I am not the hurricane. He is the storm and I am the ravaged.
His force will destroy me; wrap me up in the fierce wind of his passion and the heavy water of his love. And that’s what it is: love. Undeniable and irrevocable love. And it is his stormy love that terrifies me most of all.
The storm will come, flatten me completely, and I will never be the same.

This kind of sentences made me cringe so many times.

I also quite annoyed with Jenna’s independent declaration. I do understand her feeling and why she needs to take control all the time. I support her independency and I love independent girl but there is a fine line between stubborn and naïve (if not stupid). She’s so stubborn with so many things while at the same time it can make her and people around her, particularly Jack, in danger and can slow him down, especially regarding of his past.

All in all, I actually love Chelsea Fine books. But I still haven’t found my favorite in this Finding Fate series so far. I really hope her next books will be as good as her old one (The Archers of Avalon series and Sophie & Carter).

Result: 3 out of 5 stars

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