Review: Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

20639274Blurb from Goodreads

When Bree Prescott arrives in the sleepy, lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, she hopes against hope that this is the place where she will finally find the peace she so desperately seeks. On her first day there, her life collides with Archer Hale, an isolated man who holds a secret agony of his own. A man no one else sees.

Archer’s Voice is the story of a woman chained to the memory of one horrifying night and the man whose love is the key to her freedom. It is the story of a silent man who lives with an excruciating wound and the woman who helps him find his voice. It is the story of suffering, fate, and the transformative power of love.

Kindle Edition, 345 pages
Published January 25th 2014
edition language: English
genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thoughts
This is definitely my kind of NA contemporary romance book, character with disability and drama in the story. Hence I liked the story alright. But it’s so predictable I bet you can guess it since first few chapters. I also love the characters, can’t help not to fall in love with Archer. He’s kind, shy, quiet, and in a way naïve (but not in an annoying way, thank goodness). The way Archer reveals his past bit by bit, in each chapter kept me reading it. I’m so curious of what really happened with his family when he was just a boy which led him to his isolation. Basically he is the main reason I enjoyed reading this book. I really liked Bree too. She’s funny, smart, and kind. And I liked that she trusts and gives Archer a chance since the very first time they meet each other. They are sweet and perfect together. And I liked that there is character development in them.

And sometimes, that’s all it takes-one person who’s willing to listen to your heart, to the sound no one else has ever tried to hear.

However, just like my first Mia Sheridan book, Leo, I still didn’t quite like the writing. In first part of the story, especially in Bree’s POV, most of paragraphs and/or sentences begin with ‘I’. It’s just a teeny tiny thing but it’s kinda bothering me. And then the heroine describes everything in detail, much more detail than I think necessary. I love reading detail description but if it’s just some kind of info dump, I don’t think I like it. So here I get Bree keeps telling me that she likes curling her hair with iron curling. I know what tool I need for hair curling, so I don’t need her to tell me over and over. It’s like she assumes that I don’t have any idea what it is and how it works. And then she talks about smile too much for my taste. Maybe she and Archer loves to smile but it’s quite bothering reading she mentions their smile too many times. Out of my curiosity I count how many times she describes their smile. There are 22 ‘small smile’ and 4 ‘sweet smile’ not to mention other smiles that I didn’t count. Again, it’s just a little thing in the whole Archer and Bree story but it did bothering me.

While I really liked the characters and the story, I can easily connect with them, I didn’t quite like the writing and the way the story is told. It’s more than a good story, I think. And it’s just a matter of my preferences.

Result: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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