Review: Gideon Lea #1, Gideon Lea by Lisa Orchard

23316633Blurb from Goodreads

Lark Singer’s relationship with her mother is prickly to say the least. As she enters a musical competition that could launch her career, Lark also searches for answers her mother would rather keep hidden. Throw into the mix the fact her best friend Bean has been acting strangely, and Lark finds herself launched into uncharted territory. Will her quest for answers sabotage her musical aspirations?

Published October 20th 2014 by Smashwords Edition
edition language: English
series: Gideon Lee
genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
My Thoughts
ARC was provided by the author in exchange for honest review.

I think Gideon Lee is one light-easy reading that I can devour in one sitting. Unfortunately it wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought. I don’t know whether I read it in a wrong time or if it just wasn’t for me, but it was quite hard for me to connect to the story. I mostly bored and couldn’t feel the feeling that Lark feel along the story through her POV. She’s sarcastic and full of anger. She often angry to her mother; has dislike to her neighbor; and has prejudice to her friends. I usually don’t mind with sarcastic characters, most of the time I like them, actually. It is Lark anger and dislike that I just couldn’t get. She has bad thought of Cassie, the most popular girl in her school, just because she’s gorgeous and the captain of cheerleader. When she describes how she dislikes Cassie, I was wondering what she did to her which caused her dislike. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting her reason, but I didn’t get it, unless I missed something in the story.

At the same time, in a way, I got to know her better along the story. And apparently she’s just being stereotype, I think. Now I’m not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing to her as a character. Scratch that, I think it’s a good thing because it shows her development as a character in the story. She also has a not-so-good relationship with her mom. And again I didn’t get what caused her anger all the time to her mom.

Before I read this book, I didn’t have any idea who Gideon Lee is but one thing clear in my mind that he must have a big part in the story as it is this book’s title. Apparently he is Lark’s idol. She admires him more than anything. She even writes a story about him for her history class essay which left her wondering whether her teacher will accept it or not. That how big her love for him. But I didn’t get more description why she loves him so very much, rather than just he’s a good musician. I mean, I want to know what it is that makes him so special, different from other member in his band that deserves her love. I guess I want her reasons which she didn’t provide me. And I didn’t get to know more about Gideon Lee either, aside that he’s a guitarist of North Star, her and her mom’s favorite band.

However, I also have thing that I liked from Lark. I really liked how determine she is to achieve her dream, to the point that she faithfully brushes her teeth three times a day because every musician knows her pearly whites are important to her image. It’s her band and her songs that are mostly in her mind, though for me it seems too easy for her to compose the lyrics. It always comes to her easily and every lyric sounds great. She also knows how to achieve her dream and willing to do anything to make it come true. Basically she’s a girl who knows what she wants and sticks for it, doesn’t matter what people say to her.

All in all, I think this is an okay book I’ll read the sequels for sure since there are things that still left unclear.

Result: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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