New Year Resolutions and Reading Challenge

Happy New Year! I hope I’m not too late for that 🙂 So there is one thing I often hear regarding New Year, resolutions! My friends often ask me what my resolutions are for the New Year. To be honest, I’m bad at setting and achieving resolutions. I often end up with epic fail at the end of the year. That’s why I rarely have resolutions.

Different case happens with Reading Challenge. If you are a member of GoodReads, I bet you know that GoodReads Reading Challenge starts on January 1st, though you can set it in any day of the year. Since I join GoodReads in 2009, I see a reading challenge as a resolution too. I love reading thus keeping a reading challenge as a resolution is something that I’m eager to participate.

For this year I join at least three reading challenge. It’s a lot, to be honest, more than any reading challenge I’ve joined in the last couple years. But reading challenge brings my competitive side out. Something I didn’t realize before 🙂

Books that I choose are books that can be fitted with those reading challenge, not only for one reading challenge. So 3 reading challenge are not as much as it sounds 🙂

These are my 2015 reading challenge:
1. GoodReads Reading Challenge. I set 100 books, at least for 2015. Those books are from different genres to avoid the boredom 🙂


2. Around The World: A-Z 2015 Reading Challenge. In this challenge I have to read books from different countries each month. So my friend who hosts this challenge will give me 9 countries to choose. I’ll read one or two books from the choices. I think this is a good idea and I’m interested with it since I mostly read from American authors.

If you are also interested with this challenge, you can visit my friend’s blog or check this link out.

3. Reading challenge from a group I join in GoodReads, YA Buddy Readers’ Corner ♥. Although the name of the group is YA (Young Adult) it doesn’t mean that I’ll only read young adult books. I’ll read any books I want to read. Here is my list for this reading challenge:
a. Read at least 1 autobiography and/or biography.
b. Finish at least 5 series I’ve started.
c. Finish all of ARCs (Advance Reader Copy) I have by the end of 2015.
d. Read books that are already in my shelves for more than 2 years.
e. Read books I never thought I’ll read
f. Read classics in English
g. Read books from author around the world


I also find an interesting reading challenge from Popsugar. I find it’s hard to resist to not doing it 🙂 So I might do it if there books I read fit with the challenge.

Popsugar ReadingChallenge

How about you? What are your resolution? Do you have any Reading Challenge?