Review: On an Edge of Glass by Autumn Doughton

17567107Blurb from Goodreads

You can’t plan for everything…
That’s what Ellie Glass realizes after she has a chance encounter with a young musician. Long-haired, a bit scruffy, and undeniably sexy, he’s the exact opposite of her “type,” but now Ellie can’t stop thinking about him. When fate intervenes and the two are thrown together, Ellie gets more than she bargained for. Pretty soon she finds herself feeling and doing things that she never thought were possible.
This is the captivating story of an undeniable attraction, the choices that we make, and ultimately, the unexpected power of love.

Published March 9th 2013
edition language: English
genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thought
I’m not quite like insta-love yet I can make an exception throughout the story. Just a couple pages in the beginning, it has already described how Ellie more than intrigued to Ben. I even think that it’s love at first sight for her. It told from her POV so I kept reading that she kept thinking about how she cannot forget him and so on. I don’t believe in love at first sight either so I wonder whether I will like this book or not but I don’t mind, if it’s an attraction or even infatuation. Then an infatuation grew slowly to become love, that I can take it. Although there is nothing new in this story, quite predictable and slow-paced, I love the writing.

A line of impatient caffeine addicts snakes out the door just behind me, letting in an unsettling gust of cool air. It ruffles my hair and the pages spread out on the low table in front of me.

I really can feel the cool air ruffles my hair when I read it.

As much as I like and enjoyed it, there are things that I didn’t quite like. First, I’m annoyed with Ellie’s clueless that her other roommates going to find out about her relationship. I mean, they live in the same house, how come she didn’t think that Payton and Ainsley won’t know or hear what happen with her and Ben? For half of the book she kept thinking over and over how to tell them because of their pact. The pact that I think useless and her thought about it is ridiculous. I have to agree with Mark, her bestfriend when he said “So, what you’re saying is that you’re only breaking girl code if you tell your roommates about it? Just going back on your promise is alright? Okay then. Thanks for clearing that little detail up for me.”

Second, the story has a very obvious pattern that I can guess. It’s like this, part one Ellie and Ben cannot stay away from each other, Ben tried to speak to her but Ellie kiss him, then they make out and Ben walk away. Part two they are a secret couple, Ben made a mistake he tried to speak to Ellie but she kiss him, then Ben walk away. They didn’t speak for weeks, kept avoid each other, then in sweet-awkward moment they kiss and they speak again. Part three, they relationship getting better, Ellie make a wrong assumption, they misunderstand each other, Ben tried to speak to Ellie but Ellie kiss him.

Third, I kind of hard to believe that Ben is so easily move on after 2 year relationship.  But then, I think what he had in first part of his relationship with Ellie is an attraction or just infatuation, so I can take it.

So, my conclusion is (despite the things that I didn’t quite like) On an Edge of Glass is a sweet love story that I liked and enjoyed it. I especially love the way Ellie told her love to Ben, I think it is sweet and beautiful and I’m surprise with Ben acted but has a very good reason to it. I also love the cover, at first I thought it just an abstract pink cover with title in it but when I look closer there is a couple in it. I think it’s a lovely cover.

Result: 3 of 5 Stars