New Year Resolutions and Reading Challenge

Happy New Year! I hope I’m not too late for that 🙂 So there is one thing I often hear regarding New Year, resolutions! My friends often ask me what my resolutions are for the New Year. To be honest, I’m bad at setting and achieving resolutions. I often end up with epic fail at the end of the year. That’s why I rarely have resolutions.

Different case happens with Reading Challenge. If you are a member of GoodReads, I bet you know that GoodReads Reading Challenge starts on January 1st, though you can set it in any day of the year. Since I join GoodReads in 2009, I see a reading challenge as a resolution too. I love reading thus keeping a reading challenge as a resolution is something that I’m eager to participate.

For this year I join at least three reading challenge. It’s a lot, to be honest, more than any reading challenge I’ve joined in the last couple years. But reading challenge brings my competitive side out. Something I didn’t realize before 🙂

Books that I choose are books that can be fitted with those reading challenge, not only for one reading challenge. So 3 reading challenge are not as much as it sounds 🙂

These are my 2015 reading challenge:
1. GoodReads Reading Challenge. I set 100 books, at least for 2015. Those books are from different genres to avoid the boredom 🙂


2. Around The World: A-Z 2015 Reading Challenge. In this challenge I have to read books from different countries each month. So my friend who hosts this challenge will give me 9 countries to choose. I’ll read one or two books from the choices. I think this is a good idea and I’m interested with it since I mostly read from American authors.

If you are also interested with this challenge, you can visit my friend’s blog or check this link out.

3. Reading challenge from a group I join in GoodReads, YA Buddy Readers’ Corner ♥. Although the name of the group is YA (Young Adult) it doesn’t mean that I’ll only read young adult books. I’ll read any books I want to read. Here is my list for this reading challenge:
a. Read at least 1 autobiography and/or biography.
b. Finish at least 5 series I’ve started.
c. Finish all of ARCs (Advance Reader Copy) I have by the end of 2015.
d. Read books that are already in my shelves for more than 2 years.
e. Read books I never thought I’ll read
f. Read classics in English
g. Read books from author around the world


I also find an interesting reading challenge from Popsugar. I find it’s hard to resist to not doing it 🙂 So I might do it if there books I read fit with the challenge.

Popsugar ReadingChallenge

How about you? What are your resolution? Do you have any Reading Challenge?


Once Upon A Time

For as long as I remember, I always love reading. I think I got it from my father. He is an avid reader and often asked me to read anything when I was a child. He also likes to buy books. One of his collection is a book by Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno, Dibawah Bendera Revolusi which published on 1963. If you want to take a look, here is it:



It’s in hardcover and has a box, to prevent the book from damage but I think he cannot avoid it since it’s an old book and he didn’t take good care of it. I once read that it’s quite a famous book and people still look for it for their collection. I don’t know whether or not it’s true but he still has it and sit proudly on his bookshelf. I’d like to think that it is mine also, since there is no one who loves to read in the family aside the two of us. Yet, I never read it. I tried it once a couple years ago but it’s so hard for me to understand it since it was written in Indonesian old spelling and some chapters are in Dutch. I still want to read it, though. Maybe someday.

As for me, I grew up by reading detective stories. How I love Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and crazy in love with Jupiter Jones, Pete Crensaw and Bob Andrews from Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators. When I was in junior high school I began to read Agatha Christie’s books and never get enough of hers. I think I have more than 20 books of her books. But in the beginning, I only have 2 books, Elephants Can Remember and The Seven Dials Mystery, my aunt gave it to me as a birthday presents. I used to trade it to borrow Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and another Agatha Christie’s books from my high school friends. As I get older, my father didn’t buy me books anymore. I have to save my pocket money to buy it. Then, it became a habit too. I love buying books as much as love reading it. Most of my childhood collections are gone now, but I still have a few of them on my bookshelf. Here they are:

AC 3 frames sharpen


How about you? What’s your story?