Review: Wishing You Were Here by Catherine Chant


Blurb from Goodreads She’s out of place.

He’s out of time.

In 1956, Joey Tempo was the biggest sensation to hit Memphis since Elvis Presley. Within twelve months he was gone–killed in a transatlantic plane crash.

Half a century later, Callie Reinard is headed for college and her dream career in radio broadcasting. When she discovers Joey’s iconic first album, she’s mysteriously drawn to his tragic story. A profound desire to change his fate invokes a mystical force that sends her back to 1957 to “make things right.”

What Callie doesn’t expect is her meddling to make everything worse…much worse. Joey may be glad to be alive, but not everyone welcomes her presence. Especially not Joey’s glamorous fiancée, who has her own plans for his future.

Every second Callie spends in the past she’s altering much more than Joey’s fate. She’s changing the lives of everyone around her. And she’s growing closer to Joey by the minute.

If Callie can’t find a way back to her own time soon, she may lose more than a college education and the career she’s always wanted. She may lose her heart to a boy she can’t have.

Kindle Edition, First, Electronic, 342 pages
Published December 1st 2012 by Catherine Chant
edition language: English
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thoughts
Time travel (and also reincarnation) is not my favorite story. I feel it is a little bit tricky than other stories. It’s because the authors have to have a good reason to cause their characters to time traveling. Thus they also have to provide the logic in it. If the characters can do it how they are going to back to where they belong, what happen with their life if they change the past, whether they can carry on things when they time traveling and other stuff like that. If the authors fail to intertwine those questions with logical explanation and cannot be related to the story then it failed me. In the other hand, the idea fascinated me so I will always up for time travel story. I even have one stand nicely on my favorite book shelf, The Time Traveler’s Wife.
Yet, I have to admit that I didn’t read this ebook as soon as I got. Somehow I left it behind to read another books. At the beginning, it made me curious. The prolog and first few chapters made me keep my eyes open. I like the idea Callie time traveling back to 5 decade her time, she learn a lot about it and Ms. Chant did a good job providing the setting and the music reference.
Then Callie met Joey and continued to second part of the story, I’m bored. Callie indecision whether she want to stay or go back to her time was kind of annoyed me. While I can understand her hesitation, I couldn’t believe Joey’s love for her. I felt it was too rush, too instant yet kept wonder how it will going to end. I even considered put it on hold since I felt asleep a couple times whenever I tried to read it.
At third part of the story my effort paid. There are surprises and twist. I keep asking why I didn’t think about it. Once again it made my eyes kept open and I can stay awake this time. Then, in the end of the story very big twist. I love a story with twist and surprises, story that let my mouth and eyes wide open and the good thing is I can relate to all of the tricky stuff in this story.
Thanks to YA/NA Fanatics and of course to Ms. Chant who allow me reading this story.
Result: 3.5 of 5 stars