Review: Charming The Outback by Leesa Bow

22737667Blurb from Goodreads

When jaded city girl Maddy McIntyre packs up and leaves Adelaide for a new job in the country, it’s not only a chance at a fresh start. Six months ago, the first guy she’d ever loved shattered her heart before moving home to Broken Hill. Deep down inside, Maddy is hoping that living in the same town will give her an opportunity to prove to Luke that she’s one temptation he can’t resist.

But when she arrives in Broken Hill, Luke White is not the same guy she knew in the city. And it soon seems very clear that he doesn’t want her there. Although Maddy settles in quickly, excelling at work and partying with her new friends, she can’t understand why Luke is remaining so distant. Particularly when all her instincts are telling her that they’re meant to be together – and that he feels the same burning attraction.

As Maddy learns more about Luke’s family and background, she begins to understand that his mixed messages are caused by balancing what’s expected of him with what he really wants. Maddy gave Luke her heart long ago and, despite their differences, she knows she’ll only ever be happy with her hot country boy. But how can she convince him that she’s the risk he needs to take?

ebook, 276 pages
Published September 2nd 2014 by Destiny Romance (first published August 19th 2014)
edition language: English
genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
My Thoughts
ARC was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.

I think this is my first NA book from Aussie author. And I have to say that I kinda confused, mostly when I read the conversation between the characters. There are words, phrases and idioms I didn’t get or misunderstood while I read it. Thank goodness there’s a dictionary in my ereader and I can also google it whenever I felt like I need a picture rather than an explanation to understand it well. But still I was a bit surprised reading this kind of sentences:

”You’re wearing a long dress and heels to go to Silverton and walk through dirt around the local sights. I’m wearing shirts and thongs.“

When I read this sentence I thought thongs here is an underwear, though I also think the sentence kinda doesn’t make sense, but whatever, maybe the character wants to tell me that she’s wearing it. But then next thongs I read is

”I ignored his acid tone, and heard the flip flop of his thongs behind me.”That was when I realized that thongs that I know is different from thongs the author meant. Here’s another example

”Without thinking, I opened my wallet and flashed a fifty at the barman. Hunter leaned over my shoulder and snared the note from my hand.”

I have to read it a couple times to make sure that the note that Maddy means is Australian dollars, instead of actual notes.

It isn’t a big deal for me, though. In fact I had so much fun learning something new from it.

I liked the main characters, Maddy and Luke well enough. They are quite different from one and another. I think it makes them an interesting couple. And I was curious enough to know why Maddy has to prove to Luke that she has changed. And why Luke had to end their relationship while he knows that he loves her.

However I have a problem to connect with them. I especially didn’t quite like their hot and cold relationship. One chapter Maddy is so determine to prove to Luke and herself that she’s fine without him but then when he’s around, she’s all hot for him before realize that they better stay away from each other and just be friend. Then in other chapters, she can’t deny her feeling anymore and flirt with him all the way but he wants to give her time and try to be a gentleman and all. Not that I don’t like him being a gentleman, it’s just I kinda bored reading those hot and cold feelings.

The story takes place 6 months after Maddy and Luke break up. He says one of his reasons to cut their relationship is she’s immature and high maintenance while she keeps saying that she has changed. She isn’t the Maddy that Luke used to know. The problem is there aren’t much the Maddy before she comes to Broken Hill. I need to see that Maddy so that I can see her changes and understand why Luke thinks she can’t live the way he lives. The Maddy before mostly appears in conversation, not through her action. It makes me wondering whether the author other book, the one about Maddy’s bestfriend, Aubree and Maddy’s cousin, Hunter mentions about Maddy and Luke 10 months relationship.

All in all Maddy and Luke story has enough drama and angst that I quite enjoyed. Thus it’s an okay-enjoyable story for me.

Result: 2.5 out of 5 stars