Reading Anywhere: Non-fiction book

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Second picture in Reading Anywhere is here! I took it on June 27th, 2013 in the morning on my way to the office, with camera from my iPod Touch 4th generation. The girl who read it was in the same public transportation as mine.

First thing that catch my attention, aside that she’s reading a book, was the cover. It is pretty eye catching with that pink heart on the cover. And I think her nail color suits the cover really well. Couldn’t help not to notice it 😀

The book is in my language, Indonesian. I haven’t read it yet. But from the blurb I can tell it’s about relationship from Islam perspective. So it’s a non-fiction book. I don’t know whether I’ll read it in the future as I rarely read non-fiction. It has high rating on GoodReads, though.

How about you? do like reading non-fiction book?


Review: Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell

12640991Blurb from Goodreads

From the hugely popular blog, a miscellany of hilarious and peculiar bookshop moments:
‘Can books conduct electricity?’
‘My children are just climbing your bookshelves: that’s ok… isn’t it?’

A John Cleese Twitter question [‘What is your pet peeve?’], first sparked the ‘Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops’ blog, which grew over three years into one bookseller’s collection of ridiculous conversations on the shop floor.

From ‘Did Beatrix Potter ever write a book about dinosaurs?’ to the hunt for a paperback which could forecast the next year’s weather; and from ‘I’ve forgotten my glasses, please read me the first chapter’ to’Excuse me… is this book edible?’

ebook, 300 pages
Published April 5th 2012 by Constable & Robinson (first published 2012)
edition language: English
genre: Non Fiction
My Thoughts
I’m aware the title is Weird Things Customers Say so it must be about weird things happen at a bookstore but I didn’t expect it will be that weird. I mean were they for real asking condom, ice cube and any other thing which doesn’t have anything to do with books or reading at a bookstore? It kind of amazed me in a weird way. But, this is definitely one of fun-hilarious books I’ve read, though I have to say it also kind of a sad book to me.
Result: 4 of 5 stars