Reading Anywhere: Comics


He read: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
Place picture taken: in a public transportation
Date picture taken: March 8th, 2013
Camera: iPod Touch 4th generation.

I find it’s quite hard to find people read in public places but it’s harder to find adult read comics in public places. I don’t know why people (at least people that I know) think comics are only for children. I did use comics to make my little sister loves to read. I think it’s more appealing for her since there are more pictures than words. It was just the beginning though. Now she mostly read novel, though she is still a fan of comics too.

My first experience with comics was when I was in junior high school. My friend retold a comic series she just read every night for a whole month. I became curious of the story and wanted to read it by myself. Hence my love for Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi began. I collect the series, still have it in my bookshelf and reread it whenever I miss Usagi Tsukino & Co. To be honest, I’m not that into comics. At first, I found it’s confusing to read it. I didn’t know whether I should start it from the back or the front book, or which one I should read first and then after that where should I go? And it’s too short for me.

Aside Sailor Moon and few series I read when I was young (Tintin, Asterix and few Japanese comics), I never read comics anymore. However I’m thinking to give it a try now. I’m going to start it with the Sandman series and/or its spin-off Death by Neil Gaiman. What do you think? What is/are your favorite comics? Do you have any recommendations?


One thought on “Reading Anywhere: Comics

  1. Well, I like comics and read them often. I grew up reading comics – Polish, European, American. When I was a teenager, we started getting manga in Poland.
    I wrote some reviews of comics, on my blog, more coming soon. Do you remember my “why read comics” post? I gave some nice titles for reading too – most often I read them long time ago, and can’t make a new review.
    Manga published in Poland usually has the guides inside. I see Garudayana didn’t have it, but it was in “normal” order.
    I find European comics much shorter than manga. And so, I have many more manga at home than European comics. I don’t read too much romance/teenager comics, tho I’d probably go for Hana Yori Dango, as it got “classic” status among manga.

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